A special birthday!
Personalize the quiz and challenge your friends, the fun is guaranteed

Play with smartphone, tablet or a computer


Quiz38 is an interactive game that allows for any birthday party to play multiple, customisable games, absolutely free for up to 3 players. Add your own questions to each game for maximum customisation and fun! Be they 9, 90 or 38, give them a birthday to remember with Quiz38.

Immediate access

Access one of our game areas and try your first Quiz38 game match now.

An internet connection is required

The computer will need to be connected to the internet in order for the quiz game to run, with even 4G data sticks being enough

How to play?

The guests play with their own Smartphones, they don’t need to download an App, but a data connection or wifi will be required.


The prices are decided according to the maximum number of players a game can have. Depending on the number of guests present at your party, you can choose the plan that best suits your needs.
It is FREE for up to 3 players.

3 players
10 players
25 players
50 players
100 players
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